What To Expect From A Bridal Trial

What To Expect From A Bridal Trial

What To Expect From A Wedding trial

A bridal trial is an opportunity to meet with your chosen bridal supplier be it makeup, hair, tan etc. The aim is to try out their services and skill whilst also getting a feel for that person, their etiquette and to make a decision that what they’re offering is suitable and exactly what you’re looking for on your big day. Skill is one thing but you want to be sure they’ll work well and professionally in your surroundings, around your people on the wedding morning, fit in, interact and basically, you’re hoping they’re going to be sound and a bit of fun too!
For beauty, it is recommended to meet with your chosen supplier and conduct a trial a minimum of about three months in advance. A lot of suppliers will run trials during quieter times such as January as it’s means they can offer weekends whereas these generally wouldn’t be available the rest of the year. Bridal season is starting as early as February these days so weekends book up fast. As well as ‘ticking a box’, having met the supplier, like what they did and enjoyed the experience you may have some homecare to work on in order to get your skin/hair in the condition you want it in for the big day. Skincare and hair care can sometimes take up to 8 weeks to remedy so this is another reason why getting your trial done as early as possible is a good idea.
The actual trial itself should last approximately one hour to 90 minutes. Some will last longer depending on what is being offered but it shouldn’t be any less than one hour. For makeup it is ideal to arrive fresh faced with no makeup on and for hair to arrive with freshly washed dry hair so it is easy to work with. On meeting your supplier, generally they’ll begin by introducing themselves, talking you through your details to confirm everything for the big day and discuss exactly what it is you’re looking for. You can bring along inspiration images, pictures of your dress and bridal party dresses, colour scheme, anything you feel might affect the final look. The more you have to show the supplier the better.  Most suppliers will allow you to bring along a friend or family member but always check first and bringing the entire bridal party is never a good idea! Firstly, there’s rarely enough space and secondly, too many cooks might spoil the broth!
It is important to be completely honest with your supplier. No point tip toeing, clarify exactly what you want and don’t be afraid to speak up if you want to change something. Your supplier should be friendly and approachable and you should be able to be completely honest. This is the whole idea. It is also important to bare in mind that the trial is the first attempt, the supplier is getting a feel for you and your style and putting it together gradually based on your input. You’re testing technique and durability but guaranteed the final look on the big day will be ten times more incredible. The supplier now knows you a little better, has grasped what you’re looking for and whatever they have recommend for home care has now kicked in and you’re looking like a shiny new penny!
Many of my colleagues and I will agree that the trial is nearly harder than the actually wedding morning! But try not to take it too serious, you’ll know pretty quickly whether the person is for you or not. It should be an enjoyable experience and remember that any tweaks can be easily remedied. There are products out there for every condition imaginable but the supplier isn’t going to coat you with every product imaginable so just feed back any concerns and trust it will be sorted on the day. Your supplier has probably come to you through recommendations or strong reviews, so trust that they know what they’re doing and let them do their thing.

Your entire wedding planning experience should be a fun and interactive one. Meeting new people, enjoying new experiences and having fun in the process. It should be nothing but happiness. Yes, planning can be stressful, but

should you find one supplier is causing an element of stress, my advice, move on, find a new one. There are hundreds of suppliers in every area out there and no one supplier is worth   loosing sleep over. Don’t waste any time on them because you’ll regret it on the other side. There’s somebody out there that will suit you and your needs so much better and nothing more annoying on this earth than paying for a service you didn’t enjoy. The most important thing is you are happy and it’s one less thing to worry about.

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