The wedding morning and how it should flow…

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The wedding morning and how it should flow…

The wedding morning and how it should flow…

Its finally here! The big day is about to commence. All the ‘T’s are crossed, the I’s are dotted and all you have to do now is get beautified, finally put THE dress on and make your way towards your husband (or wife!) to be, what could possibly go wrong?

Well, nothing, once you implement a few little procedures for the morning. Your hair stylist, makeup artist and photographer will do a lot to help coordinate the morning efficiently and keep you in check but no harm implementing the following…just in case.

  1. Do up a time sheet

    This is absolutely crucial to keep everything running smoothly. The number one cause for a bride to get anxious or stressed is when things run over unnecessarily. Find out what time hair and makeup plan to arrive and though most creative teams will aim to have everyone ready at least one hour before you have to leave, no harm in reiterating that this is of utmost importance to you. That last hour will absolutely whizz by but allows you time to get into the dress in a relaxed environment without panic stations setting in. I once met a bride that ran a call sheet for the morning and scheduled in her bowel movements!! Priceless!!!

  2. Have your items set up and ready to go

    Your photographer will most likely end up doing this for you but no harm having it ready in advance. The dress and veil should be hung (for the love of god don’t forget to hang the veil, crumpled creased veils to do not an elegant bride make!) ready for pictures and ease of access.  The earrings, the shoes, the jewelry, the hair pieces, the gifts and any other pieces you need to dish out over the morning should be laid out ready to go. Try not to put yourself in a position where you are panicking or scurrying around looking for something last minute.

  3. Have everything packed and ready for hotel stay

    Similar to above, have a check list for everything you need to bring to the hotel. If you can pack and seal that case the night before and get it packed away into a car as early as possible, its one less thing to think off. The only thing you should have leaving is your handbag for the day. Thats it!

  4. Allocate Jobs

    You’ve had a million things to plan over the last few months so now its time to pass the book on any last minute changes you might have so you can think straight for probably the first time in weeks. If there’s anything left to communicate to suppliers (ie. change of song, new ideas for photographs, cancellations for the meal, additions to the playlist) make a list and pass it to a bridesmaid, family member, friend…whoever, just don’t take on the responsibility of it yourself. Give all the payment envelopes to one person and have them pass them out on the day. In the madness of things you may forget about the element of payment and the last thing a supplier wants to do is disturb you in the midst of your big moment to ask to be paid! Its a cringe factor for all involved!

  5. EAT!

    Don’t forget to eat and don’t forget to feed your crew. Even if the butterflies have taken over force a slice of toast down. Believe me adrenaline and an empty stomach can only lead to disaster! Preorder from the local deli and avoid having to go to the effort of cooking or having the house (and everyone in it) smelling of a fry up!

  6. Hydrate

    I’ll keep it plain and simple, drink enough water until your pee is clear (TMI sorry!) and then you are hydrated enough for the day! Anything more than that you’ll be running to the toilet every five minutes. Ain’t nobody got time for that! Forget to drink any water, add a glass or two of bubbly and its headache city. Ain’t nobody got time for that neither!

  7. Dress Up Time

    When its time to get the dress on (que. momentary squeal!) choose one or two of your bridal party to help you get into your dress. Do not bring the entire posse. Too many people in a cramped space means body heat which leads to perspiration and possible swelling which is no fun when trying to get dressed. Choose an airy,  spacious, bright room to get dressed and keep the entourage to a minimum. A pair of silk gloves help to avoid staining the dress and hair slide make really clever crochet hooks for teeny tiny buttons!

  8. Have a drink but don’t have ten

    Do i need to elaborate on this one? Its one day, months and months of planning, you really don’t need a case of the early black outs!

  9. Stay away from the stress heads

This last point, we all have that one person in our life (right now you’re thinking of exactly who that person might be) who hasn’t a breeze what the term ‘chill’ refers to. And sometimes that person happens to be within your closest circle. My advice, when the clock is ticking and you’re edging closer to crunch time, keep that person at bay. You may love them with all your heart and they have a heart of gold at the best of times, but you need to steer clear of the panic. For that one moment, let it be all about you, and keep the drama at bay!


This probably seems like an awful lot to have to think of but once those few boxes are ticked all you can do then is sit back and let the day commence. The morning makes up about 30% of your entire day so crank up the tunes, pull your fave girlies close, relax and just enjoy! The last half hour, if at all possible, try have no-one but your bridal party and family in the room with you. Breathe deep, embrace the day that it is, take it all in and leave the house a picture of calm. And go have the most incredible day of your life!

Until next time, please feel free to add any pointers or tips I may have missed and any future brides please do let me know if this helped at all on your big day. Thanks for reading.

Love Niamh xxx

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