Make Up Lessons & Consultation

Bespoke Makeup Lesson & Consultation

Newly added to my range of services I have decided to introduce bespoke makeup and skincare consultations designed specifically to your features. This two hour session is designed to give you a full over view of your skin type, face shape, eye shape, makeup and skincare to suit, the tools and brushes necessary and how to apply it all confidently. The idea is that after the lesson you will be fully equipped to know what suits you, what will work (and what will not!) and how to avoid any product mishaps going forward. It breaks my heart how much money women waste on unsuitable products because they’re unsure of what to be buying (and then can’t return because they’ve been used once!).

It is advised to bring along your makeup bag and any tools you already own. We will go through everything from skincare, to base, to eyes, contouring, lift, complimentary colours, lip shades, textures etc and how to change makeup from day time to evening style. I will use what we can of your own supply of products and a full consultation and breakdown afterwards will be advised with details of products I’d recommend. At this point you are free to makeup shop on your own or as an extra service, if you wish I can arrange the products you need (for a variety of brands i work with) and send them all on to you a week later.

This bespoke session and consultation is priced at €189 and takes place at my studio in Rathfarnham, Dublin 16.


Personal Makeup Shopping Service

For years I have been asked my advice on makeup shopping, how to pick the right shades, what suits certain eye colour/eye shape,  the right lipstick, what brushes should i be using…will you come and hold my hand as I embark on the midfield that is a beauty hall!!

My answer is of course I will! This personal shopping session is designed to take the fear out of product shopping, to spend money on the products you’ll actually use and in the long run, save money. To get the right products for your skin colour, skin type, eye shape, lip shape. What do I need to spend big on, what can I buy on budget. To take the fear away and equip you with the knowledge of your own face so that going forward you will know what to spend your hard earned money on that will make you smile (& glow!).

This private consultation takes approximately 2 hours. The first half hour will we sit and chat about what it is you want from the session. How you find your skin, what make up finish & ‘look’ you like and what you’ve been using up until now. I will take a note of facial features and tones and get some ideas of brands and textures we could work with. We will move between department store Beauty Halls, Boots and large pharmacy and some small pharmacies as i believe a variety of high end and budget products are the perfect balance for the perfect finish.

You will be sent home with a full consultation of all products we tried and tested and will have this for future should you wish to pick up gradually as opposed to in one go.

The Private Makeup Shopping Service is priced at €169 for two hours and €60 per hour there after.

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