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Bridal Blog

January 2023

Venue shopping and what to ask…

Hello again bridies! Hope everyone is settling in nicely in their new role as ‘bride to be’…you may laugh at me now, but pretty soon this is going to become your full time job! So brace yourself, and maybe give your boss a warning! So, you have the ring (yeah ya do!), you’ve discussed ideas and themes (not just wih your pinterest board ladies, i do hope ‘hubby to be’ has gotten involved here somewhat!), you’ve an idea of your [...]

Wedding Day Makeup by Niamh Martin

So you’ve just gotten engaged….what now?

So you’ve just gotten engaged! Hooray! So, what do you do next? You celebrate, That’s what! You round up the family, the friends, break open the bubbly, flash your new bling and you celebrate good & hard! Then, when the celebrating is over, let the dust settle a little and over the next few weeks you can start thinking about exactly what is it you want on your big day. Discuss ideas between the two of you, get a rough [...]

May 2022

Niamh martin's makeup
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The wedding morning and how it should flow…

The wedding morning and how it should flow… Its finally here! The big day is about to commence. All the ‘T’s are crossed, the I’s are dotted and all you have to do now is get beautified, finally put THE dress on and make your way towards your husband (or wife!) to be, what could possibly go wrong? Well, nothing, once you implement a few little procedures for the morning. Your hair stylist, makeup artist and photographer will do a lot [...]

November 2021

Niamh Martin Makeup

Real brides_Leanne

Real Brides by Niamh Martin featuring Leanne – July 2018   In this new feature I’m hoping to keep up on the regular I aim to give you an insight to how I work with my beautiful brides from the very first time I meet them. From skincare necessities to getting used to certain products necessary for their final look ie. lipstick, eye liner to the actual morning of the big day. Today I’m featuring featuring the beautiful Leanne, July 2018. Looking after Leanne in [...]

What To Expect From A Bridal Trial

What To Expect From A Wedding trial A bridal trial is an opportunity to meet with your chosen bridal supplier be it makeup, hair, tan etc. The aim is to try out their services and skill whilst also getting a feel for that person, their etiquette and to make a decision that what they’re offering is suitable and exactly what you’re looking for on your big day. Skill is one thing but you want to be sure they’ll work well [...]